“It won’t help keep you young and strong, but it is like no other spice or condiment you’ve ever tried. “

That’s what Earl Fultz, the 92-year-old founder of cHarissa Spice Company says about this super spice found on the shelves of Kelsick Specialty Market in both the “Original” version, ideal for any occasion, and the “With a Kick!” selection sure to nudge the taste buds to another level.

So just what is this super spice and how do we recommend using it?



cHarissa is a unique Montana-to-Morocco spice that melds with your own good ingredients. It doesn’t smother other condiments, rather it blends to spice up everything. The spice was created by Gloria Fultz to add Moroccan flavor to American food. The seasonings created by Fultz are milder versions of the Moroccan spice Harissa, which uses the very hot jalapeño pepper commonly found in Moroccan cuisine. Instead of jalapeño’s, cHarissa uses cumin and cayenne pepper.

cHarissa is a healthy choice, proudly made in the USA using all-natural ingredients. It contains no sugar, gluten or MSG. cHarissa is available in both dry rub and condiment styles.


cHarissa is so easy to use that you don’t need any special instruction. Simply add it to any recipe you already make, or replace the spices in a current favorite dish with a teaspoon or two of “The Super Spice That’s Good On Everything!”


cHarissa is good on everything, from meat, fish, poultry and vegetables to dips, chips hummus, eggs and salads. The best part? cHarissa is simple to use. Just add it to your existing recipes.

Halve an eggplant, top with Romano cheese and either dry rub or condiment style cHarissa. Bake for 30-35 minutes.

Pan-fry shrimp in butter with cHarissa dry rub or seasoning for one minute on each side.


Guacamole cHarissa! Chop half an onion, half a tomato and one avocado. Combine with a teaspoon of cHarissa condiment and one teaspoon of mayonnaise. Serve with wheat thins or your favorite cracker.

cHarissa Cobb Salad is easy to make. Simply chop and mix together all of your favorite vegetables and drizzle with a mixture of balsamic vinegar and cHarissa.

Open a bag of popcorn and toss with cHarissa. Makes a wonderful snack for the whole family on TV nights.

We dared to try cHarissa on top of chocolate ice-cream. The good spicy taste extends the chocolate flavor, makes it taste like a new treat. This is only for the brave among you.

For more information on cHarissa spices and additional recipe ideas, visit: http://www.charissaspice.com/

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