“Beer, if drunk in moderation, softens the temper, cheers the spirit and promotes health.”

–Thomas Jefferson

Kelsick Specialty Market couldn’t agree more and is proud to specialize in great, craft beers and hard ciders.

Craft Beer


All beers are available in packs or as single bottles or cans. Buy a full pack or mix and match.


Drink local! Kelsick’s growler station offers fills and refills of a selection of craft beers and hard ciders (including lighter, darker, seasonal and “hoppy” varieties) for customers carrying the distinctive half-gallon DRINK LOCAL bottles.

Purchase a Kelsick growler on site or bring in your own to enjoy the fresh taste of draft beer and hard ciders.

The growler station — essentially a “keg box” refrigerator that dispenses craft beer from kegs — is used to fill typical growler jugs (about 64 oz., the equivalent of four pints) or smaller bottles, too.


Growler, what?

The growler is a modern take on a traditional method of beer distribution. The advent of the modern-day growler traces its fermented roots back to 1989, when Wilson, Wyo., micro-brewer Charlie Otto was introduced by his father to a long-forgotten container used to haul beer.

The story goes, as it’s told on Otto’s Grand Teton Brewing Co. website, Otto was telling his father it is unfortunate that his customers could enjoy his draft-only beers at bars but not take them home.

Otto’s father replied that he needed a growler, leaving his son who had never heard the term perplexed. Soon a Great Depression-era tin pail with a lid was fetched from the elder Otto’s attic. It was an example of how beer had been delivered from local taverns to thirsty workers on the job site, the “growler” term a reference to the rumbling sound the tin pails emitted as carbon dioxide escaped from beneath the lid.

Otto hit on the idea of filling 1/2-gallon cider jugs with “Teton Ale” and an old school beer delivery method soon became a modern trend that has since swept the country.

Today, growlers are a tasty, environmentally-conscious preferred method of enjoying draft craft beers from the comfort of home, the patio, or any other selected beer-drinking location. In addition to eliminating the use of cans, bottles and boxes, there’s the fresh factor.

Craft Beer

Stop by on the First Friday of the month from 5 to 7 pm for a free combined beer and wine tasting and sample some of Kelsick’s favorite brews.