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As you all know by now, Kelsick Market is pleased to bring the next best thing to a local butcher to the community through our Ayrshire Farm meat ordering program. Haven’t heard about it? Read more here!

But what you might not have realized is that we just updated the order form to include pet food. Yes! Pet food!

Ayrshire Farm offers raw pet food that is made from organic, humanely raised poultry and local, natural beef. All of the ingredients are USDA-inspected and made of human-grade quality meats. That is, these food for our furry friends contain nothing that’s not also approved for humans to eat.

They are either 100 percent meat and organs (cat diets) or at least 80 percent meat and organs (dog diets), and contain no by-products, waste-products, corn or other grains.

Why is this important?

Both cats and dogs in “modern” societies are suffering from the same increase in food and skin allergies, diabetes, digestive disorders, cancers and autoimmune diseases as humans. And just like in humans, it’s not surprising to find an association between the rapid increase of these previously rare disorders and processed pet foods which use an unregulated supply of waste products to produce cheap food.

As with people, prevention is worth much more than the cure.

Wondering if you should consider ordering these new pet meats for your furry friends?

Thanks to Ayrshire Farm, we have a list below of why, helping you answer some potential questions you might have, helping separate myths from fact!

Is it safe?

MYTH: Raw foods are dangerous for my pet, due to pathogens remaining in the food.

FACT: Neither cats nor dogs have an ability to start fires and cook their food. In the millennia during which their digestive systems have evolved, they have only had cooked (canned) food for about 50 years. This is not long enough to change the composition of their digestive enzymes which are specialized to deal with carrion, diseased prey and an entirely raw diet.

Does it matter what type of protein my pet gets as long as it’s protein?

MYTH: Protein is protein. As long as the minimum percent protein is the same, the food is the same.

FACT: Proteins are extremely complex compounds made up of amino acids. Dogs, cats and humans all have different sets of amino acids that are essential for their metabolisms and some are easily damaged by processing. As with milk, heating beyond a normal body temperature changes and/or destroys the fragile compounds of the protein and neutralizes its associated enzymes and catalysts: think of a cooked egg vs. a raw one; the protein in the egg is irrevocably changed. Carnivores (man, cats, dogs) have evolved to utilize the protein as it occurs in nature: uncooked.

Can I afford it?

MYTH: This food costs too much.

FACT: It is more expensive than cheap, imported, uninspected food. The ingredients are all-American, USDA-Inspected, and human-grade. However, as it is only or largely meat, it is not necessary to feed as much to get an equivalent measure of protein. And, there’s no such thing as a “free lunch”. As with children, what goes into them determines their health, mental and physical. An ounce of prevention is worth a priceless amount of cure.

Interested in ordering pet food meats? Click here to download the order form and get started with Kelsick Market.

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