spoonbread mix just add water

Say it isn’t so! Just add water?!

Kelsick Specialty Market is pleased to showcase one of our newest offerings – Weisenberger mixes, including their Spoonbread Mix.

What you’ll need? Really…just water!

Weisenberger, a Kentucky staple, calls this their crown jewel of their cornbread mixes. If you have never eaten spoonbread, you need to try this. Mix as directed on the package; cook in a casserole dish; spoon it onto your plate; lather with butter, and enjoy!

Bonus: it’s made using locally grown NON GMO white corn.

We’re delighted to have found Weisenberger mixes and do carry a wide assortment of baking options, from this spoonbread to raspberry muffins, lemon poppy seed muffins, pancake mix, fish fry batter and more.

Weisenberger Mill has been “the bakers choice” since early 1865. Owned and operated for 6 generations by the Weisenberger family, the mill is nestled on banks of the South Elkhorn Creek, near Midway, in the heart of central Kentucky.
“We take great pride in the quality of our products as evidenced by our unconditional guarantee,” Weisenberger writes on their website.
Stop by and pick up a mix. Or two. Or three.
When all you have to do is add water, it won’t take long to to enjoy!

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