Kelsick Road Trip Snacks

Ahhhh…sweet summertime! A time of family…friends…exploration…and road trips!

We all have that favorite road trip snack…that’s the one that you have to have when you’re in the car. Whether you go for sweet or salty, the ladies at Kelsick Specialty Market have hand picked their top road trip snacks to get you stocked up for the long haul!

Sure, you could grab a bag of Funyuns at the local gas station. But what fun is that when you can try one of these special road treats? And PS, all are available at Kelsick Specialty Market 🙂

Megan’s Pick: Quicos Corn Nuts. If you haven’t tried it already, pick up this crunchy snack featuring giant corn kernels soaked in water and then toasted and salted to a delightful crunch!

Beth’s Pick: Savannah Grace Virginia Shortbread Buttons. Looking for a cookie that’s light but full of flavor? Try Savannah Grace Virginia Shortbread Buttons.

Allison’s Pick: Epic Bar. Looking for a Paleo friendly jerky gluten free and low in sugar? Look no further. Epic bars are not only a great source of protein but they also inspire Epic adventures!

Kara’s Pick: Vosges Chocolate. Salt and caramel – yes, please! How about dark chocolate and bacon? Vosges chocolates are made with fine ingredients from around the world! Grab one…you know you want to!

Susan: Sesame Stix. Fresh, crunchy and healthy! What’s not to love?

After you’ve stashed these snacks in your cooler, you’ll also want to check out these goodies.

Made with hand selected organic sweeteners and genuine fruit extracts, Bissingers Gummy Pandas offer up exotic taste. And they are perfect for the kids, too!

ALLGOOD Trail Mix is a delicious blend of 100% organic fruit and nuts. ALLGOOD trailmix is non-GMO and vegan, truly natural nutrition from the earth. Don’t be surprised if you are craving this all day!

Popcorn without the microwave? Half Pops Popcorn is the answer. Air popped with less fluff and more flavor!

Don’t forget something to wash all those snacks down with.

Step outside the box and try something distinctly different.

Moxie Original Elixir is a soda like you’ve never tasted before.

Stay hydrated with Smeraldina Water, a premium bottled artesian water for health conscious people. But go easy. You’ll want to limit the dreaded bathroom breaks!

Looking for a tall glass of iced tea? Harney and Son’s Organic Peach Tea is light and delicate, mimicking the sweet scent of freshly sliced peaches!

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